The Tahitian sailing federation (FTV) was founded in December 1989, replacing the Tahitian sailing league and subsequent to the granting of independent status of Tahiti in sports. It was the very first local federation of sports to be created.

A new Federal Board has been elected during the General Meeting of May 12, 2017.

The President of the Federation, the Board and the Board’s executives strive to boost sailing in French Polynesia by conducting missions:

  • Preparing and coaching sailors – Practice, training, physical fitness, etc.
  • Training local executives – Sailing instructors, referees, coaches.
  • Providing assistance to the affiliated clubs – membership, Federal Technical Advisor, etc.
  • Organizing events – TPR, Oceania Windsurf, Sails of Freedom, etc.
  • Liaising and promoting sailing activities – Website, Facebook, media
  • Implementing the sports agenda – calendar, travels, high-level sailing, etc.

The Federation works with many other stakeholders like the Ministry for youth and sports, the department of youth and sports, The institute of youth and sports, the Olympic Committee of French Polynesia, the Oceania Sailing Federation, World Sailing.

Executive Board

President : David Moutouh

Vice-President: Patrick Bonnette

Secretary: Rita Noble-Faivre

Vice-secretary: Sylvie Romero

Treasurer: Tamatoa Audouin

Vice-Treasurer: Teva Teihotaata


Federal Board:

  • Manu ROUSSEAU |
  • Tony TEKUATAOA |
  • Richard MARTEN |
  • Teramana MAONO |
  • Eric PAOFAI |
  • Benjamin PRIOUX |
  • Gilles De PREVILLE |
  • Nicolas JEANNOT |
  • Gwen ZAMPIERI |
  • Stéphanie CASTEL |
  • Eric PANISSARD |