Optimists are the most popular sailing dinghies for children and they’re used both for fun and for competition.

Kids can start sailing from age 5 and become racers by age 15.

All sailing schools have Optimists – EVA, YCT, CNBP, RYC, RS.

Sailing an Optimist is a good way for young navigators to learn the basics of sailing before jumping on other types of boats. Many Olympic champions started out on sailing this popular machine.

For racing, there’s a typical measurement which allows competitors to sail with the same equipment and by the same rules. Everybody is thus on equal footing for competition and some talents may surface from there.

The cost of the dinghy and the materials used make it a boat accessible to most sailors.

The shape and the rigging make it a technical boat to handle.


Past Tahitian Optimist champions:

  • 10th at World Champs: Teiki Hacheche (2001)
  • 25th at World Champs: Teiva Véronique (1998)
  • 1st at the Oceania : Teiki Hacheche (2001)
  • 1st at the Oceania : Teiva Véronique (1997)
  • 6th at France’s Championship: Teiva Véronique (1998)


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