Hobie Cats are the most popular and widely distributed cataramans in the world. The brand was created in the 70s and has several models ranging in size and type of use.

Models used in French Polynesia:

  • Hobie Teddy – 13.5ft in Polyethylene, 2 to 3 youths between 11 and 14 years olds, leisure
  • Hobie Dragoon – 13.5ft in fiberglass, 2 youths between 11 and 16 years old, racing
  • Hobie Twixxy – 15ft in Polyethylene, 2 to 3 adults, leisure
  • Hobie 15 – 15ft in fiberglass, 2 to 3 adults, leisure
  • Hobie 16 – 16ft, in fiberglass, 2 adults, racing
  • Hobie 21 – 21ft in fiberglass, 3 adults, touring

In the islands, several sailing clubs have Hobie Cats: EVA, YCT, CNBP, RYC, RS.

Their sizes may vary but every model serves a navigation purpose – Fun, Advanced, Racing.



The Hobie cat 16 is used for local regattas and for the Pacific Games. The Hobie Cat 16 World Championship is organized every two year. In 2014, the venue was in Australia (Jarvis Bay), and in 2016 it will be in China.

Past champions in Hobie 16 include:

  • World Champions: Hervé and Thierry Bride – 2000, Guadeloupe
  • Silver medal Champions: Philippe Hars and Maxime Pouvreau – 1997, Spain
  • 2X World Youth Champions: Billy Besson and Tamatoa Audouin/Sébastien Girard.
  • Pacific Games Champions : Hervé and Thierry Bride – 1995, Tahiti
  • Pacific Games Champions: Teiva Véronique and Jennifer Delattre – 2011, Nouméa


The Hobie Dragoon is used for local regattas. The Hobie Dragoon World Championship and the Hobie Dragoon European Championship alternate every year. In 2016, The European Championship will take place in Austria and the 2017 World Championship will be in La Rochelle, France.

The boat has a spinnaker kit and and is perfect for youth training and high-level competition.


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