Results NSI-TAHITI ITI CHAMPIONSHIP 2017/2018 – Laser


1César Villa1111219*9*5*111112115
2Yannick Salmon2556*1413247*32356*40
3Nicolas GAYET333332343345*8*248*40
4Gilles De Préville8*227536215323438*41
5Isabelle Barbeau10*10*10*10*107214228451258
6Julien Villa564489*59*9*866686359
7Philippe Thome678*5458*666547778*70
8Antoine Leclerc446268459910*10*10*10101089
9Lucas Sola10*10*10*10106777788568594
10J.Michel Henry Leo8878811*11*11*1111101010101010121
César Villa, YCT

César Villa, YCT ©Tahiti Association Laser

Yannick Salmon, CNBP

Yannick Salmon, CNBP ©Tahiti Association Laser

Nicolas Gayet, CNBP

Nicolas Gayet, CNBP ©Tahiti Association Laser

Start line

Start line ©Tahiti Association Laser

Papeari, Tahiti !

Papeari, Tahiti ©Tahiti Association Laser

Isabelle Barbeau, CNBP

Isabelle Barbeau, CNBP ©Tahiti Association Laser

Perfect conditions

Perfect conditions ©Tahiti Association Laser

Antoine Leclerc

Antoine Leclerc ©Tahiti Association Laser

2 comments for “Results NSI-TAHITI ITI CHAMPIONSHIP 2017/2018 – Laser

  1. November 6, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    Great to see that you have a active fleet of Lasers in Tahiti, my name is Ken Hurling and Chair Oceania Laser Class Association, I am trying to contact someone involved in Lasers, hopefully a National spokesman.
    I am trying to inform Laser Sailors of Oceania Events in 2017/18, especially a proposed major event in Fiji in 2018.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Ken Hurling OAM

    November 21, 2017 at 11:23 pm

    Hi Ken, many thanks for your comments and inquiry.
    Please send us an email to [bureau @ tahiti-sailing . org] without the spaces in the address.
    We’ll be happy to learn more about the upcoming regional events for Laser competition.
    Tamatoa Audouin

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